Finally I am seeing progress!!!! I lost 4 lbs this week :) :) :) but I started eating more than I should have been last night because I was so drunk and it was really my only option unless I wanted to throw up all over my brothers friends. I am back on track though tomorrow me and my boyfriend are going to start working out again and I am going on a four day fast starting tomorrow. I have heard mixed things about fasts. Of course I want to loose weight by fasting, but more than that I hope to detox my body I have been drinking quite a bit and I am going to try to just clean my body out to prepare for this journey to skinny. I hear that when you get done with a fast you can gain the weight back so I will not depend on or get upset if I gain the weight back because I am preparing my mind for it. I hope I can keep a pound or two off depending on how much I loose but like I said I will not get upset. I am no longer going to be drinking and I am going to start exercising again. I hear it is easier and more benefical that when you stop a bad habit you replace it with a healthy one so I am stopping drinking and starting exercising again. Also I am going to start taking these fat burning pills. but I have to eat quite a big breakfast :(  I am just going to try it with my normal size breakfast and see how it goes if it makes me sick then I will have to up the calories. I am not starting that until friday when I resume eating and I am even debating waiting until next monday just so my body has time to adjust to eating again. So thats just a little update on my life.


I hate the computers at school they will not let my comment on your guys blogs so now I have to come to my parents house everytime I want to get on and it sucks because I am constantly hiding it from them. I hate hiding and lying but I need this. It is the only thing that keeps me focused. I am more dedicated to loosing weight when I know I have to tell you guys about my gains and losses. I hope that all of you are doing well and are successful in what ever adventure you are on at the moment. now here is some




So I havent been able to comment on some or most of your guys blogs. I dont know why. i sign in and click an blog and when I go to the top usually you can go to your dashboard but it only says create blog or sign in?!?!?!?! does this happen to anyone else? what do i do?


I am thinking of getting something to speed up my metabolism and burn fat. I went to a CVS and noticed they had a lot of products like hydroxycut, jilan micheals, green tea pills and all kinds of stuff. Have any of you tried these products and how do they work? do you use any other products? what are they and what results did you get?

I know obviously that I cant just take one of these and eat whatever I want. I am restricting my calories really low and I am working out but I dont know which one is should use I have never tried this before and need a little help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


I got on the scale today and almost broke down. I dont even want to mention what it said but I am fasting or trying to fast today and tomorrow. Then im fasting again monday - thur I am fasting again!!! after that I want to start taking the fat burner which everone I choose. I am going to fucking get skinny I dont care what anyone says! I am doing this for me not for anyone else and they will just have to accept it even if they dont agree with it.

I have gotten so off track the past two months and just let myself go but now I AM BACK!!!! I am going to be skinny for vegas and for myself I want to feel attractive and I want thin thighs! My goal is at least 120 by the end of October. and either 110 or ideally 100 by the end of the year. that is like 45 LBS in 5 months. is it possible? YES IT IS as long as I can keep food out of my greedy little mouth.


Stay strong lasies and good luck
<3 Jess



This is just ridiculous!!!!! O well it is going to get better. I don’t even find most food enjoyable anymore. I just stare in the cabinets I don’t even know what I want to eat most of the time. I binged the other night. I ate like half a box of cereal and ramen and chips and the worst part is I did it right in front of my boyfriend. I was just watching TV with him and just keep getting up and getting food and then I just went to bed after I ate all that food and just let it sit there and all I can say is I paid big time for it the next day. I think that is why I haven’t lost basically any weight so I am upset but I understand at the same time.

Yesterday I did really well! Today I am going to do good as well!

I am starting to get out of my funk that I was in. I was so depressed and felt like my life was just shit. That girl that I was seeing and shit really fucked me up but I will not let her win!!! Also, I will not let this fat ass of my mine, this food monster inside me win. I don’t want to be full like I was the other night ever again. Anyway that’s off topic. So I am starting to feel better I think that this coming month is going to be a good one!!!! I am thinking of fast for the first four days which will also be the last four days of my summer classes! I think I would have died this summer if I didn’t take these classes. It is the only thing that has been consistent and stable for a long time. Me and my man finally found jobs he is going back to piercing and I am going to keep cleaning my parents house and watch my niece. I hope I do well!

I have another option right now though. I could go to an interview at vitamin world but I think I would rather help my family. Plus someone else that maybe actually cares about selling vitamins could get that job.

So I kind of have a weight loss plan. I want to lose two pounds a week that will be eight pounds a month and 24 pounds by the time my Vegas birthday trip comes along. I have to be skinny for Vegas and just in general I want to fucking see my hipbones. I am going to try really really hard. My main thing is just going to be eating as little as possible every day. I am going to do this!!! I HAVE TOOOOOOO!!!

Wish me luck and Good luck to all of you.

Stay strong

This is the new addition to our little family my baby girl. she is crazy hyper but super sweet. She is just a lover though she just likes to play and cuddle couldn't ask for more!!